Thermal Imagers let you see far more than just what is on the surface

We include Thermal Imaging in all of our Home Inspections

This a great tool that we include in all of our Home Inspections. It can detect so many things Home Inspectors before could not see. It can detect water leaks, drafts, poor insulation and more.

We also offer this service by itself because we see value in having all homes being checked by a Thermal Imaging camera.

Poor Insulation?

If you have poor insulation in our walls or attic you will likely never know other than seeing a higher hydro bill in the winter. Some water leaks go undetected for years because they just happen tinge leaking in the worst place and has rotted so much wood that the structure of your home is in jeopardy.

Windows and Doors

Your windows and doors are the Kings of drafts,  but are typically easy and cheap to fix if detected early enough. A Thermal Camera can pick up all these things.

Our Service Area

Our service area covers over 30 cities in the Toronto, York Region, Durham, Clarington, Kawartha Lakes, Northumberland and Quinte Area!  Some cities that our home inspections area include: Pickering Home Inspection | Ajax Home Inspection | Whitby Home Inspection | Oshawa Home Inspection | Bowmanville Home Inspection | Newcastle Home Inspection | Port Perry Home Inspection | Peterborough Home Inspection | Belleville  | Cobourg Home Inspection | Port Hope Home Inspection | Uxbridge Home Inspection