Benefits of a Pre-Listing Home Inspection Report

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Benefits of a Pre-Listing Home Inspection Report

Selling a home is a venture that involves a lot of money and requires proper decision making. You need to be sure about the integrity and quality of your house before listing it on the market. For that reason, pre-listing home inspection reports are becoming popular as it helps to eliminate most pitfalls that you may learn when you have found a buyer. Pre-listing inspections are undertaken by the seller. The seller hires a professional inspector like us, King’s Home Inspections and Services, Newcastle to help inspect the home and generate a comprehensive report about the status of the house before listing it in the market.

Seller inspection offers a lot of benefits to both parties in the property transaction. As a seller, you don’t want to raise the hope of your family members only to bring down later own due to failed home inspection. With a proper home inspection, you don’t have to worry about any deal being rejected because you will have captured everything on the, inspection report.

Is Pre-listing inspection all about value?

Pre-listing inspection offers a number of benefits that include determining the selling price of the property. The price of your home should be determined professionally. You cannot determine the price alone as you feel that your house worth more due to the attachments that you may be having with the property. Due to this fact, most home owners tend to value their homes more than what the market may allow.

Over valuing your home can also limit the number of potential buyers and investors who may show interest on your property. Moreover, it precludes a lender from allowing lenders to borrow more money for the home. Without a comprehensive pre-inspection report from the professional home inspector like kings Home Inspection, there is no way you will determine that actual value of your home.

Pre-listing inspection helps to identify major problems that may bring major problems and bring down your sale to the negotiating table. Any major problem should be addressed before listing the property in the market. It gives you the opportunity to do some repairs ahead of time, which is more cost effective than allowing the buyer to hire his own licensed contractor to do the work. Here are some of the benefits of pre-listing home inspection:

i. Help to identify and fix existing problems

Professional property inspection helps to closely analyze the foundation and mechanical structure from your home. Inspection makes you aware of potential troubles that may arise down the line. A professional inspector will check if there is anything wrong with various parts of the house such as the heating system and, air quality. They may even suggest a Home Energy Checkup Report. This allows you to prepare in advance as that could be a deal breaker if an existing problem is found out right before closing the deal.

The King’s home inspector will also help to check plumbing and electrical system in the entire house and put it down in the report. If there is anything wrong in the house, it will be indicated in the report. If there is anything that should be fixed before listing the property on the market, it will be covered in the report. Our Inspectors knows the most common deal breakers and works to ensure that all the items that may kill the deal are covered and are corrected on time before the home is listed. This gives the seller the peace of mind during the sales transactions. The inspection will have revealed the house does not suffer major problems and is in good shape.

ii. The pre-listing inspection provides prospective buyers with peace of mind:

Home buying involves huge financial transaction and the buyers want to ensure that they are getting value for their money. Although the house market demand is hot especially in Ottawa, investors still need to be sure that they are investing in quality properties. Potential buyers can be provided with the comprehensive pre-listing inspection when they come to have a look at the property. This ensures that the potential sellers are aware of any issue in the property and stay aware about the integrity of the homeowner.

iii. Pre-listing saves time and money:

You will want to maximize the net income from the sales. This can be done by ensuring that all the major electrical and mechanical problems in the house are solved before listing the house in the market. You may need to invest in a few repairs to correct some faults in the house. The inspection and corrections should be done even if the home is relatively new.

Doing the inspection after the offer is made is likely to be more expensive. The buyer may suggest correcting issues himself and you will have no control over the inspection price. With pre-sale home inspection, you have control on the prices as you can shop around for a more affordable contractor who can do the job correctly the first time and within your budget.

iv. Help to avoid Unnecessary repairs:

An experienced pre-listing inspector like King’s Home Inspections and Services, Newcastle will document issues in the house. They will highlight the important repairs that you need perform before listing the house. It is important to wait until the inspector report is out before fixing any problem in the house. Sometimes, what may seem like a big problem to you, could be easily repaired with suggestions from the inspector.


Pre-listing inspection is a critical undertaking that can allow you to fix problems in advance as well as it gives you peace of mind. Doing an inspection later can easily reveal surprises at the last moment and jeopardize the closing of the sale or result in you lowering the sale price. Doing inspection before listing the property in the market helps to streamline the buying process. This mean that you will be able to sale your property faster and move on your life. Doing an inspection early allow you to correct existing faults at affordable prices and maximize on the net income from your property.