Home Energy Checkup Report

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Why should I need a Home Energy Checkup Report?

To put it differently, your house’s energy audit Report score tells you just how much energy your house is presently using. It is important to understand because a deficiency of energy efficiency ensures that you’re probably paying more in utility expenses. Though your home décor may appear great, it is even more important to understand what’s going on underneath it all — A Home Energy Checkup report will reveal hidden secrets in locations which you can not see and are not always top-of-mind.

The Way to Lower Your Energy Bill: How do old windows impact my electricity bills?

If your house was built over a decade back, there is a good possibility that a Home Energy Checkup Report will tell you more about the biggest Air Quality Killers in your home and how home’s energy is literally going “from the window.” This causes your heating or cooling system to work overtime, and the outcome is a greater energy bill. Older single-paned windows likewise don’t offer decent insulation, meaning that your house can lose glowing energy too. When you receive an energy audit report, a blower door test will be conducted to see whether your house has air leakage, and also help determine if window fix or window replacement is the very best choice that will assist you to save on your electricity expenses.

Getting an energy audit from a Certified Energy Auditor (CEA)

Finding an energy audit by a Certified Energy Auditor (CEA) will help you on your way towards saving both energy and money. You’ll be given a power score, using the Natural Resources Canada EnerGuide Rating System. An EnerGuide evaluation is a standard measure of your home’s energy performance. Your home’s energy efficiency level will be rated on a scale of 0 to 100. A score of 0 represents a home with significant air leakage, no insulation, and exceptionally high-risk ingestion. A house’s energy audit report score of 100 signifies a home that is airtight, well insulated, adequately ventilated and incorporates highest efficiency equipment. So, the higher your score the better. However, it’s important to be aware that the scoring system compares homes of similar ages. So a house built in the 1960’s will rate as large as 75 while a house built in 2012 will start between 78-80.

Energy EfficiencyHow do my house shield me against increasing energy prices?

The very best method to safeguard against rising energy prices is to simply use less energy. An energy audit can decide where, when, why and how energy is being used in your house. Throughout your energy audit, you will get recommendations for enhancements (known as retrofits) which may help you optimize your home’s energy efficiency, lower your energy bills and improve home comfort. A few examples of retrofits include a wall insulation update, a high-efficiency furnace, and window replacement.

Energy Saving Tips: Why should I update my house’s insulation?

A well-insulated house keeps heat in during the winter and out during summer time. Besides keeping you comfy, insulation updates coupled with air sealing can help to maximize your heating and cooling gear’s functionality — so that it is possible to save in electricity costs. Purchasing greater insulation might actually save you up to 50 percent in power costs!

Water Heater Replacement: Why should I update my home’s water heater?

The average Canadian uses at least 70L of warm water in the home daily and that could really accumulate. Water heating system represents roughly 15 to 25 percent of a normal household electricity bill, and should you update your heating system and cooling system without updating your water heater, then this percentage will be much greater.  A home energy checkup report may tell you to install a more efficient water heater system, enhancing the operation of your current water heater and installing a drain water heating (DWHR) apparatus to lower your water heating load, you may decrease your energy bill and allow the savings accumulate.

Why should I update my home’s HVAC system?

HVAC System Your HVAC (heating, ventilating, and air conditioning) system is the most likely the largest energy user in your house. In Canada, almost two-thirds of this energy we use in our houses goes to space heating alone, and generally, your HVAC system utilizes around half of their entire energy absorbed in your property. In case your equipment is obsolete or in need of upkeep, then you can bet you are paying more in power costs. Not just that, it may influence air quality in your house too. So it certainly makes sense to make certain your HVAC system is functioning as efficiently as you can.

Energy Efficiency: How do a drafty door impact my electricity bills?

You would be amazed by how much a drafty door may promote a deficiency of energy efficiency in your house. Since your outside doors have been exposed to the outside elements all through the year, contracting and expanding because of falling and rising temperatures, they finally quit providing a suitable seal at the door frame — and you’ve drafts. That usually means that your heating and cooling equipment must work overtime to replace the cool or warm air that you are losing through these drafts — and you wind up paying more to heat or cool your house.

Should I get a home energy report if I’m buying or selling a house?

The Way to Save Energy at Home. Why do I need a home energy checkup report if I’m buying or selling a house? With more and more Canadians searching for ways to save energy, save money and create environmentally responsible decisions, obtaining a fantastic energy score is an important selling feature for any home. Real estate businesses may even begin including energy scores in their listings, and it has already become a law at the U.S.So if you are buying a home, a power audit will tell you exactly what upgrades might be necessary, which will be able to assist you with the decision making and negotiation process. If you are selling a home, an energy audit can assist you towards saving on your monthly energy costs right now and help you to reap additional rewards when you sell.

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