6 Things You Need to Know to Keep Your Home Leak Free

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Rule number #1. Mother Nature always wins! The constant hammering Mother Nature puts on your home whether it be rain, sun, snow, wind, ice etc will always prove that Mother Nature wins every time.  However; there are ways to prolong your homes life and I believe the most important maintenance item is water management.

Rule number #1. Mother Nature always wins!

When you think of the entire envelop of the home, think of the exterior as the armour that protects your vital organs (inside of your home). Other than big natural disasters like Tornados and Hurricanes your home should be able to withstand Mother Nature on a daily basis.

Let’s get down to why water management is the biggest item to take care of on a regular basis. Water gets into everything. A small leak will eventually become a big leak and a big problem. Water will damage the inside of your home very quickly and sometimes go undetected for months. The roof is your first line of defence and will shed the water off your roof into your eavestroughs and then the water should flow down the downspouts and project at least 6 feet from your house. If the down spouts are cut off right by your foundation, then over time your foundation WILL leak. It does not matter what the material is that your foundation is made of, having enough water going over the surface will make the foundation leak. A big problem people are having in subdivisions is that there is no room to extend the downspouts 6 feet out from the foundation. A simple solution and environmentally friendly solution are rain barrels.

Healthy eavestroughs and downspouts

Water Management Check list

To sum up how to take care of your water management you should check the following every spring and fall.

  • check all eavestroughs and downspouts to ensure they are clear of debris;
  • Ensure the downspouts are at least 6 feet from the foundation;
  • Check your roof condition to ensure the roofing material is in good shape;
  • If you cannot have downspouts at least 6 feet from the foundation then use rain barrels;
  • Make sure the grading of your soil around house is on a downward slope away from your house;
  • Check all caulking around windows and doors to ensure they are not cracked and in good condition;

These are all a good start to ensure your home will last for many years to come. Your home is most peoples biggest investment and asset so it is a good idea to take care of it.

If you would like an assessment of your water management please do not hesitate to call or email me anytime and we can set up a meeting that works best for you.