The biggest Air Quality Killers in your Home

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Biggest Air Quality Killers 

Canadians I would say are pretty lucky when it comes to air quality. Big beautiful trees everywhere and low smog in our big cities in comparison to other large cities etc. However; in this article, I am not talking about air quality outside, I am talking about the biggest air quality killers inside your home.

We spend a lot of time indoors and especially in the winter months. Constantly breathing in dust particles and other allergens are very harmful to your health, especially to children and the elderly. I know what you’re saying, “well I clean my home on a regular basis, so there is no dust” well that is great that you do and it is a great measure to keep the dust down, BUT it still does n’t do the job actually.

When you clean your home by vacuuming and dusting that puts a lot the dust and particles airborne, which will end up going into your duct system. Once the dust goes into your duct system it will go through your furnace filter which will help remove the dust but nothing is ever perfect.

Dust will build up over time on your furnace filter which is why it is important to replace your filter at least every 3 months. Dust will damage your furnace and your health, so it is important to manage it properly and get your ducts cleaned at least once a year.

Biggest Air Quality Killers: Radon and Mold in Your Home

Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in Canada and one of the biggest air quality killers . It is a odourless invisible gas that comes naturally through the break down of plutonium in the earth, rock or water.

It is important to remember as well air quality is not just dust and allergens. There is also mold and radon to think about.

Most people think of mold that they can see it, but actually, there have been a lot of cases where there is mold in their walls and attic. If you smell something musty or you have trouble breathing on a regular basis, then I would suggest you call in your local professional to get an air sample taken. While you are waiting for results plan for the worst and have a plan in place to be relocated for a little while. It is always best practice to be prepared for the worst.

Radon and Lung Cancer

Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in Canada. It is an odorless invisible gas that comes naturally through the break down of plutonium in the earth, rock or water. Radon is everywhere and mild forms of it are not harmful to your health, but high amounts are. It is impossible to tell if you have high amounts of radon in your home without getting a professional to test for it. The test takes 30 to 90 days depending on the company doing it and it will be tested in your basement because that is where you are likely to find it.

biggest air quality killers

Widespread mold growth

Health is the most important thing to anyone and so air quality should be at the top of everyone’s list to ensure that everything is done properly to make sure you have a healthy home.

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If you think you have an air quality problem in your home have it evaluated by our trained professionals. Be sure you have a healthy home for you and your family. Please feel free to contact me anytime to ask questions or if you have any concerns about your homes air quality.

Another issue you should be concern about is energy waste, call us about a home energy checkup report.